Linkedin Audience Targeting

Is Your Target Audience on LinkedIn?

With a notably smaller audience than other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn might not be first on your list when you are considering methods of digital advertising for your business. But as one of the nation’s…

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Promoted Tweets

How to Set Up Paid Twitter Ads: Promoted Tweets

With 284 million active users, Twitter is the one of the most frequented social media site today, outranking LinkedIn and Google Plus and second only to Facebook. Research shows that of Twitter’s millions of users, 42% are following brands or…

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Improve ROI

Quantify Your Blog: How to Improve ROI

If you’ve followed the previous posts in this series, you know how to figure out your blog’s ROI. Whether you are happy with your blog’s return on investment or hoping to make it higher, there’s always room for growth and…

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quantify maketing blog

Quantify Your Blog: Are Your Repurposing Content?

Part of thinking about your blog as a marketing tool is analyzing how much you’re spending to create the content versus the return that you’re seeing. This is something that we covered in detail in the first part of this series….

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