How to Target Your Competitors’ Employees with LinkedIn

While “poaching” another business’s employees was once considered a breach of an unwritten gentlemen’s agreement among competitors, targeting competitors’ employees is more widely considered an acceptable and even necessary practice today. That doesn’t mean that you can or should call…

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Longtail Keyword Chart

Why Intent is More Important than Just Keywords

For years, online marketers have held up keyword optimization as the pinnacle of search engine strategies—but that doesn’t mean it should be your top strategy. While keywords still have value, Google’s latest algorithm updates have been pushing marketers to focus…

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How to Use Images for Local SEO

If you owned a retail store but hid all your products and visually-appealing decorations in an ‘Employees Only’ back room, you probably wouldn’t make any sales. The same goes for a local business’s website that’s devoid of any images. There…

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