18 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing: Part 1 – Picture Sites”

  1. I always appreciate your tips about blogging! Just wanted to know, what should I do to write for bloggingtips.com? Have looked every were on your site but cannot find any hint. Thanks.

  2. Really like this post. I think you have a lot of idea in internet marketing, hi you know now a days internet marketing have a lot of demand and booming I think you got positive feedback easily in internet marketing.

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  6. Excellent, but as far as my experience is concerned, Social media is for consumer brands, is it really possible to generate lots of leads for B2B businesses from social media, especially the ones in capital goods manufacturing and real estate,

    1. Rajesh,
      Thanks for leaving the comment. I think real estate is more likely than manufacturing. I think if selling your service or product is about relationship, reputations, and thought leadership, you can use social quite a bit, no matter if it’s consumers or b2b. I do agree its hard to use social for lead gen, but I think it can influence people in who they choose to work with.

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