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How to Set Up Paid Twitter Ads: Promoted Trends

As Twitter continues to rise in popularity, more and more businesses are turning to this social media giant for their marketing needs—and often with big success. Twitter’s 284 million active users make it one of the most frequented sites today, and an ideal venue to launch a marketing campaign that grows plenty of attention to your business and products.

In a previous post, I explained how you can use Twitter’s Promoted Tweets to drive consumer action and build brand awareness. I also recently discussed the ways Twitter’s Lead Generation Cards can generate highly qualified leads that ultimately lead to purchases.

Today, I’m going to hone in on one of Twitter’s most intriguing and massively reaching ad options to date: Promoted Trends.

What Are Promoted Trends?

If you are a regular Twitter user, like myself, you may be familiar with Twitter’s “trends”. For those of you who aren’t, here’s the rundown: trends are topics that are currently popular among Twitter users around the world. Trends are driven by hashtags, a keyword or a phrase preceded by a pound sign, which users include in their posts to identify the message as being on a specific topic.

Trends are generated by an algorithm that tries to identify topics that are being discussed more than others. Trends are listed in several places—including home, notifications, and profile pages— and provide users with an overview of what others are talking about and what’s going on in the world right now.

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And now, you can use Twitter Trends to promote your business when you launch a paid Promoted Trends campaign. Promoted Trends appear at the very top of Trends for 24 hours, making them the first thing seen by users around the country—or even the world— when they look to see what’s trending.

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A Promoted Trend works in the same way as any other trending topic, allowing users to click on it to see all Tweets containing the hashtag or trend terms. Users can also Tweet about the Promoted Trend themselves by including the hashtag in their own Tweets.

Are Promoted Trends Right for Your Business?

Like all advertising platforms, Twitter’s Promoted Trends aren’t for all businesses. Before decided to use Twitter’s Promoted Trends, ask yourself these questions:

Can my business afford a Promoted Trend? Massive exposure comes with a massive price tag. Twitter charges companies $200,000 per day to buy a Promoted Trend, meaning it’s not often a smart or even feasible source of advertising for small- or medium-sized companies. In the past, it’s been large enterprises, such as Coca-Cola and Visa, that have had success with Promoted Trends.

Do I have something new and exciting to share? Promoted Trends are ideal for promoting special events, big announcements, and launching a product. A generic advertisement or everyday sale isn’t likely to make waves, even as a Promoted Trend.

Am I trying to reach a nation-wide or global audience? A major part of the appeal of Promoted Trends is that they are targeted to an entire country or entire world. But if you’re a local business targeting customers within your city, state, or region, it probably doesn’t make sense to dole out the big bucks in exchange for superfluous national or global exposure.

Setting Up a Promoted Trend

If you do decide to set up a Promoted Trend, you can do so using your Twitter Ads account. After signing on for a promoted trend, you can decide to target a specific country or the entire globe. Your trend will come with a unique dashboard that will supply with information about its performance and other analytics.

When creating a hashtag for your Promoted Trend, there are certain guidelines of which you should keep in mind:

Keep it simple. Avoid capitalization, in your Promoted Trend, as this can appear overly aggressive or spam-like to users. Do not include punctuation, symbols, and spaces, since this will keep your Trend from trending organically.

Keep it short. Your Promoted trend cannot exceed 20 characters.

Keep it relevant. Your Trend and image should be relevant to your business, product, or service.

In summary, Twitter Trends can be an extremely powerful tool—if you can afford them. Trends can gain national or worldwide attention for your business, and spark conversations about your brand or product. It’s an ideal way for large businesses and enterprises to launch new products, announce special events, and run major campaigns. But keep in mind: for the average business, this level of massive exposure is unnecessary and not worth the staggeringly high price point.

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