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7 Ways to Find Hot, Responsive Leads Online Using Twitter

Generating quality leads on a consistent basis is important for any business (offline or online). Without the right leads in hand, getting more sales can prove to be difficult. While there are a number of ways to gain quality leads, one effective way is to use Twitter.

With 316 million active monthly users and 100 million active daily users, Twitter is a social media powerhouse that you can tap into and acquire laser-targeted leads for your business. But the question is, how do you go about converting Twitter users into leads? What are the best ways to do so?

Here are seven ideas to help you generate hot, responsive leads via Twitter — without losing your shirt.

#1: Keep Your Lead-Gen Tweets Focused

Do you know why squeeze pages work so well for generating leads?

It’s because they’re ultra-focused and devoid of any distractions.

Why can’t your tweets be focused the same way? After all, the last thing you want is your visitors to not take the action you want them to take. Which is to click on your link and give their contact info.

Here’s an example of a focused lead-gen tweet…

twitter leads

Three factors to keep your lead-gen tweet focused:

  1. Length: Tweets that work for lead generation are short and to the point. They don’t beat around the bush, are pretty straightforward and are crystal clear.
  1. Call to action: Lead-gen tweets have a strong call to action with one single link. Anybody that comes across the tweet knows exactly what you want them to do. There is zero confusion.
  1. Copy: This is by far the most important part of your tweet. If the copy isn’t interesting and doesn’t get people excited enough to click, they won’t. No, it doesn’t have to be clever or witty, but it does have to be meaningful and clear. It has to compel the reader to check out your offer.

You don’t need any other elements in your lead-gen tweet to make it successful. Just say no to adding any distractions when your sole aim is to generate leads.

Remember, the more focused your lead-gen tweet is, the better results you will get.

#2: Leverage Your Bio for Free Leads

Think out of the box and do what your competition isn’t doing — leverage your Twitter bio to get more leads. How? Put a link in it that leads to your opt-in landing page. Simple.

Anybody who visits your Twitter profile (follower or not), is in some way curious about you or what you do. This person has already shown interest, which means they aren’t “cold”. They are warm enough to convert into a lead, if exposed to a relevant offer.

Let me explain…

Twitter users are a part of the social media revolution. And social media is a part of a much bigger digital revolution.

According to Microsoft, “The average human attention span in 2000 was 12 seconds, but by 2013 it was only 8 seconds (1 second shorter than a goldfish!).” All thanks to the digital world we’re living in.

So it’s safe to say that social media users today have a shorter attention span. Which means you need to grab their attention fairly quickly if you want them to take action and turn them into a lead. Send them directly to your lead-gen offer instead of taking them to your site’s homepage.
Noah Kagan, founder of SumoMe knows how to leverage his bio to get more subscribers:

leverage-your-twitter-bio for twitter leads

Clicking on the link in his Twitter bio takes visitors to his blog’s landing page, where there’s a clear and engaging call-to-action to get people to join his email list.


Your Twitter bio gives you 160 characters. Why waste it by writing something that doesn’t help you generate more leads that can convert into sales?


Use the bio to inform/educate visitors about a specific offer. Have a clickable link in it that leads to a targeted landing page that has a solid call to action.

Also, avoid using a link shortening service for your landing page’s link. Because it makes your link look less spammy and more friendly. People want to know what they’re clicking on before they do. By spelling out the landing page you increase your chances of getting a higher click-through rate.

Your Twitter bio may not generate a ton of leads for you, but the leads that you’ll get will be targeted and high quality. Besides that, who doesn’t love getting free, passive leads?

#3: Take Advantage of Twitter Lead Generation Cards

A Twitter Lead Generation Card is a special link that is inserted in a promoted tweet.

It helps you collect the email address of users that are interested in signing up for your offer — right from within the tweet. The user doesn’t have to fill out any forms or leave Twitter, which means a better conversion rate for you.


In order to make your Twitter Lead Generation Card campaign a success, you need to:

  1. Know Your Target Audience: Unless and until you know who you’re targeting, you won’t be able to craft the right lead-gen offer. On the other hand, if you already have a proven offer and target the wrong audience for it, you’ll still see a poor conversion rate.It’s important to know your target audience well enough before launching your campaign. Once you do have a fair idea, you can use Twitter’s targeting options and go after users based on Twitter usernames that have relevant following, keywords that users are searching for or talking about and according to specific interests/passions.twitter-lead-targeting
  2. Use the Right Image: The reason why Twitter Lead Generation Cards work so well is because they’re not plain and boring like regular tweets. They’re rich. They allow you to use a relevant image in your tweet to attract the attention of users.image-choice-in-twitter-lead-generationThe image that you choose for your Lead Generation Card can make or break your offer. So choose one that’s not only relevant but also attention grabbing. Don’t be afraid to use valued oriented text on the image and add your call to action to it.
  3. Nurture Your Leads: If you fail to follow up on the leads that you generate with your Lead Gen Card, you’ll decrease your chances of converting them into sales. Follow up with new leads right away. Nurture them by regularly by sending relevant, quality content that they can use.follow-up-twitter-lead-generationShow your new leads that you can deliver value. Connect to them and begin building a relationship so that converting them into sales becomes easier in the future. The last thing you want is your new leads turning old and forgetting about you.

#4: Use Proper Hashtags

Getting targeted leads with Twitter becomes easier when you start leveraging simple yet powerful features such as hashtags. A hashtag is nothing but a word that starts with the ‘#’ symbol. Hashtags help organize relevant tweets in specific groups, allowing users to quickly find ones on the same topic in one place.

Hashtags can help you generate targeted leads, given that you use them properly. By using hashtags that are relevant to your tweet, you increase your chances of getting your offer exposed to the people who are searching for them.

Research done by social media management tool Buffer shows that using not more than two hashtags in a tweet boosts your chances of getting retweeted. Which means more users can get to see your lead-gen tweet.


In order to get more leads, you can also make use of Twitter chats happening in your industry and make the most of hashtags. Why? Because Twitter chats happen in real-time and they’re based on hashtags. You can find scheduled Twitter chats that are relevant to your niche on sites like

When it comes to leveraging hashtags for lead generation, you need to actively use them to get best results. Using them once in awhile won’t yield much results.

#5: Make Your Lead-Gen Tweets Interesting

When you’re trying to generate leads on Twitter, you have to take an approach that appeals to the users. Keep in mind that people on Twitter are there to connect to others and build relationships. They want a more human approach. So your tweets should reflect this.


Make your lead-gen tweets interesting so that they receive proper attention. Avoid using boring language in your tweet copy. Don’t be dull. You don’t want your target audience to think otherwise.

Adding a bit of variety to your tweets can improve your chances of grabbing more leads. For example, you can ask interesting questions in your tweets that push people to answer them and check out your offer.

Your ultimate aim is to convert more users into leads. And that can only happen when they see your tweet as more than a way to generate leads. Taking a dry approach won’t compel people to take action. What will compel them is something intriguing.

However, this doesn’t mean your lead-gen tweets should lose focus. It has to be balanced and give others a reason to join your email list without boring them. That’s all.

#6: Take a One-on-One Approach

As we know, Twitter Lead Generation Cards are a great way to get quality leads when advertising. However, you can also use these cards for a more direct form of lead generation that won’t cost you a dime. A one-on-one approach that lets you add high quality leads to your list slow and steady.

Let me give you a real-world example…


Ryan Hoover of Product Hunt figured out a way to use Twitter Lead Gen Cards in a unique way. Every time someone tweets a link to one of his blog posts, he gets back to them with an appreciating reply saying “thanks”.


Now, here’s where it gets interesting. The moment someone replies back to his gratitude-driven tweet, he sends them a second reply asking them if they’d be interested in joining his newsletter.

The result? He sees a conversion rate as high as 80%! According to Ryan, the reason this tactic works is because that they’ve already shown interest (which means no spamming) and thanks to the Twitter card, they can easily join with a single click.

Of course, this won’t give you hundreds of leads in one go. But nevertheless, it’s a powerful way to get hyper-targeted leads without spending any money on advertising.

#7: Measure, Learn and Grow

Mining targeted leads from Twitter isn’t rocket science. If you take the right approach and measure plus learn from the results you get, it will get easier to reach your online lead generation goals.

You need to measure how each of your lead generation tweet is performing. You need to closely analyze where you’re going wrong or what’s giving you a good ROI.
Here are the three factors that you need to focus on when measuring…

  1. Engagement: Start by looking at the engagement rates of your lead-gen tweets. How are people engaging with them? How many retweets are you getting? On the whole, what kind of response do you see?
  2. Clicks: Look at the number of clicks that your tweet is getting so that you can tweak the copy as well as the image to improve the click-through rate.
  3. Cost: Understand the cost per engagement for your promoted tweets. Because if you’re paying too much for engagement without many conversions, you’ll only keep losing money — unless you choose to alter the campaign to improve performance.

The last thing you want is getting leads at a high cost that will not give you a good return on investment. Constantly monitor your lead generation efforts on Twitter so that you don’t lose time or money.


Twitter can prove to be a great lead generation tool, given that you use it ethically. The kind of results you get will obviously depend on the efforts you put in, but if you are consistent in your approach, you’ll find that converting leads via Twitter is possible.

Focus on the tips that we discussed above and avoid taking any hasty decisions. Don’t rush in. Move forward with a technique or strategy only when you’re confident it can work for your niche. Once you get a hang of it, you’ll be able to think of your own creative ways to grow your leads list with the power of Twitter.

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