8 Essential Tips for Marketing on Twitter

8 Essential Tips for Marketing on Twitter

In November 2013, Twitter amassed active monthly users numbering over 232 million. 53 million of these users were based in the United States. The number is still growing. Thus, harnessing Twitter as a marketing channel can definitely help broaden your consumer reach and drive traffic to your website.

Bank on Twitter’s 140-character limit as a viable marketing tool to help you grow your business, build your brand, and boost sales of your product or service. Here are eight tips for marketing effectively on the popular social media platform.

Twitter Bio

Improve the wordage of your bio. If you haven’t yet done so, write a Twitter bio that clearly informs people who you are. Always place your website URL and include your geographical location. The bio is usually the first detail about you that a Twitter user sees, so make that first impression count.


Follow and Interact

Seek out then follow the Twitter accounts of the various experts and other influential personalities in your industry. Popular bloggers, journalists, and potential clients are just some of the people you may want to follow and regularly interact with. And when interacting with them, focus on building professional relationships that can lead to collaboration.

Avoid mindless self-promotional tweets, especially when composing direct tweets. Share ideas, offer useful information, show genuine interest, and respond appropriately to other people’s tweets.


Ask for a Retweet and Return the Favor

Once in a while, ask your followers to retweet you. This stimulates them to act, especially when you are offering helpful information on your website or running a time-sensitive price promotion. But try this tactic once you have built a following and have been tweeting regularly for some time.

You should retweet or favorite other people’s tweets, too. Social media is a two-way channel. Be part ofyour Twitter community, and be sincere. That’s how loyal customers are earned. And loyal customers, the ones who choose you over your competitors anytime even without you offering them a discounted rate, are the bread and butter of small businesses. The repeat purchases from loyal customers can sustain your business.



Pay attention to mentions of your brand and other relevant keywords. As for keywords, you might want to list them. Then run a Twitter search for them regularly as part of your marketing routine. It is easy to search for these details on Twitter. Then respond, if you feel that a tweet opens up a discussion.



Hashtags and trending topics connected to your brand and your industry should be leveraged accordingly. Always tag your tweets, but be sensible and do not overdo it so you don’t end up spewing spammy tweets. Include your business among the relevant trending topics so that people who search for tweets containing certain hashtags will find your handle.


Videos and Images

Liven up your Twitter marketing by going beyond boring plain text. To increase the number of clicks, favorites, and retweets, add multimedia mix, such as videos and images.



Twitter comes with an analytics dashboard. Use it to improve your marketing campaign. Know what works and what doesn’t. Then fashion your Twitter marketing strategy around it.



Buying fake Twitter followers makes you look desperate and even laughable. Fake followers are easy to spot, and if you haven’t realized it yet, they can hurt your credibility. They also don’t generate sales. Instead, spend your time creating meaningful discussions, engaging followers, and building a true following for your brand.

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