Best Plugins for Shopping Cart Abandonment

Best Abandoned Cart Plugins for WooCommerce

With the rise in online eCommerce stores, marketers need to convert the leads they get on their websites to run a thriving business. Cart abandonment is one (obvious) problem affecting an online store’s conversion rate. It is estimated that around 60 to 70% of customers abandon their carts, which is quite steep. It can prove quite costly for a business if correct measures are not undertaken to tackle this problem. 

In this article, we’ll look at the best plugins for WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery. But, before that, here’s a brief on what an abandoned cart means, the reasons for cart abandonment in WooCommerce, and why cart recovery is essential for businesses.

What is an Abandoned Cart? 

In simple words, cart abandonment refers to an incomplete purchase. If a customer visits your website, browses through your products, and adds products to the cart but doesn’t complete (or place) the order during checkout, it is considered an abandoned cart.

The reasons for cart abandonment are many. As an online store owner, you need to identify what these reasons are, so you can implement effective measures to reclaim abandoned carts. In WooCommerce, cart recovery is made easy thanks to the many available plugins. Recovering carts can improve your revenue. Plus, it can help boost brand engagement with customers, helping you retain existing and new customers.

Reasons For WooCommerce Cart Abandonment 

Below are the top four reasons for cart abandonment. These are a few reasons that you can easily identify and rectify. Apart from them, another common reason for cart abandonment is customer mindset, which you have no control over. Here adding a coupon to the recovery email can be helpful.

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Website Loading Speed

Here’s a fact: nothing frustrates a customer more than a slow-loading website. If your website is sluggish, you will lose potential leads to your competitors, which can affect your conversion rate. Thus, you need to identify the reason why your website is loading slowly and fix it immediately to reduce abandoned carts.

One of the reasons for slow website speed may be low-quality web hosting. If this is the case, switching to scalable web hosting for WooCommerce can help lower your cart abandonment rate.

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Lack of Payment Options

This is another common reason for a high WooCommerce abandoned cart rate. If you are a global eCommerce business, ensure your customers can access relevant payment channels to complete their orders. Most eCommerce sites have default credit and debit card payment options. Here, adding other payment options like digital wallets, Venmo and PayPal can improve your sales and conversion ratio.

Complicated Checkout Page

To reduce cart abandonment, ensure your checkout page is well-designed. A complicated checkout page is bound to annoy customers. Hence, keep the checkout page simple and the fields in the contact form to the minimum. Don’t ask for irrelevant information. Another thing that can prevent cart abandonment for existing customers is auto-fill forms for future orders. In addition, limit pop-ups on the checkout page for faster transactions.

Extra Shipping and Delivery Fees

This is a common mistake that most WooCommerce owners make that could affect their sales. Rather than showing the shipping & delivery fees at the end, it is best to provide the customer with the total purchase cost upfront. This would considerably lower your cart abandonment rate. 

Why Should You Recover Abandoned Carts?

The top reason to recover abandoned carts is that getting potential leads to a website is difficult. To get targeted website traffic, you must have invested in organic and paid channels. Let’s not forget the effort your team has put into writing and crafting exciting deals. Also, first impressions matter, so if you let go of a new user without trying to win them back, you’d never be able to retain any customers.

The simplest way to improve your conversion rate is to work with the leads that come your way. By chasing after these leads, you can increase sales. Plus, it signals to the customers that they are valuable to you, which can help facilitate brand loyalty.

WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugins

Here’s a list of WooCommerce plugins to help you recover abandoned carts. This list includes both free and premium abandoned cart recovery plugins. So, take a look and install & activate a plugin today to recover your carts!

Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugin

A powerful WooCommerce extension, with this plugin, you can send follow-up emails to multiple users at specific intervals. The abandoned cart recovery plugin has a user-friendly dashboard that allows you to maintain a list of abandoned & recovered carts and pending orders. You can easily track the progress of the recovered cart through the inbuilt analytic dashboard.

It allows you to create and customize email templates. You can include coupons and direct cart links to improve the conversion rate. You can also schedule emails manually or automatically. Plus, you can set a time for the automatic deletion of abandoned carts after a certain period.

Pricing: This plugin is priced at $6.59/per month and is billed annually at $79.

WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery

This plugin has 200,000+ active installations making it the most sought-after plugin for recovering abandoned carts. Once activated, this plugin will capture the user’s email address on the checkout page and send automated follow-up emails if the purchase isn’t completed within 15 minutes.

This free WooCommerce cart abandonment recovery plugin comes with ready-made templates that can be tailored to suit your brand’s needs. It is GDPR compliant and allows you to generate & send unique promo codes. What’s more, you can generate and send unique email links to shoppers, so they can start where they left off, quickly making purchases without any hassle.

Pricing: This is a free plugin that you can download from the WordPress plugin directory.

YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart

This premium plugin makes it easier to connect with users who have added products to their cart but didn’t complete the order. This plugin provides a list of abandoned carts, so you can customize the emails accordingly. You can add coupons to emails as well as automate follow-up emails.

Being a premium add-on, the YITH WooCommerce recover abandoned cart plugin provides a detailed report on the number of abandoned carts, carts recovered, and the conversion rate of abandoned carts. It is WPML compatible, so you can create and send emails in different languages. Moreover, it supports WooCommerce multi-currency.

Pricing: The license for this premium WooCoomerce plugin starts at $79.99/per year.

Abandoned Cart Reports For WooCommerce

The primary feature of this plugin is to provide specific information on abandoned & recovered carts through graphic representation. It is useful if you want to collect and share data on the total number of abandoned & recovered carts to a client.

The abandoned cart reports for WooCommerce plugin is simple to use and has an intuitive dashboard. Once you install it, it will start generating the data as soon as someone adds an item to their cart. Post that, if the cart isn’t updated in the next 15 minutes, it will capture the email address, so you can manually follow-up with the user.

Pricing: This is a free plugin.

Recover Abandoned Carts For WooCommerce by ShopMagic

Another free plugin, this add-on helps you track registered users and guests. It allows you to enable the ‘pre-submit data capture’ option, wherein the user’s email address is saved as soon as they are on the checkout page. You can also set the abandoned cart timeout and segment carts according to different product categories.

You can create personalized emails for each user. You can enable the ‘exit-intent’ pop-up to capture email addresses. You can also send all data related to customers, emails, and abandoned carts to Google Sheets for free. The only caveat for using the ShopMagic abandoned carts plugin is that you also need to download the ShopMagic add-on.

Pricing: This is a free plugin for WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery.

Abandoned Cart Recovery For WooCommerce

Apart from sending emails, with this plugin, you can send Facebook messages to customers to remind them to complete their orders. It is a free WooCommerce plugin that offers the status of both – the number of abandoned carts and recovered carts. You can easily set abandoned cart time and create as many email templates as needed.

This abandoned cart recovery plugin for WooCommerce also allows you to generate reports. Plus, you can set admin notifications to receive an update when a cart (order) is recovered. The free plugin has abundant features. However, for more premium features, you need to sign-up for the pro version.

Pricing: This plugin has both a free and premium version. The premium version costs $40.

Abandoned Cart Lite For WooCommerce

It is a lightweight plugin for WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery. It has the basic features required to track and recover abandoned carts. Its intuitive dashboard provides a quick overview of abandoned and recovered orders. You can generate and add coupons to emails and track coupons to know if they are redeemed.

It also has the ‘exit-intent’ pop-up feature to prevent customers from abandoning the cart. The best part, with this abandoned cart lite WooCommerce plugin, you can simultaneously send automated notifications via email, SMS, and messenger.

Pricing: The core version of this plugin is free, and the premium version starts at $149/billed annually.

CartBounty – Save & Recover Abandoned Carts For WooCommerce

This plugin provides live shopping cart monitoring i.e. you can track the progress of the cart as soon as a product is added to it. This can help you identify bottlenecks that may be affecting the conversion rate. The free version of the CartBounty plugin allows you to send notifications to customers to recover lost sales. It is a simple plugin with basic features and is fully GDPR compliant. For advanced features, you need to sign-up for the pro plan, which offers MailChimp and GetResponse integration.

Pricing: The pro version of this plugin starts at $92 for a single site license.


This premium plugin has 4,000+ active installations. It allows you to not only send follow-up emails to recover abandoned carts but also welcome emails and thank you emails to customers. Its dynamic dashboard comes with a drag & drop email editor. It has pre-built email templates, which you can personalize using shortcodes.

To prevent customers from abandoning their carts, Retainful offers an exit intent pop-up and countdown timer. It also allows you to generate coupons and run a referral program. In addition, it provides real-time analytics, so you can easily track and measure order & sales performance.

Pricing: You can download this plugin for free. Or for more advanced features, opt for the premium version that has three plans: Starter ($19/month), Growth ($49/month), and Professional ($199/month).

Cart Recovery For WordPress

If you are looking for a free WooCommerce abandoned cart plugin, you can go wrong with this. This cart recovery plugin helps you track and capture customer names and email addresses. It allows you to send automatic cart recovery emails. You can also view the abandoned and recovery order statistics right in your WordPress dashboard. What’s more, it is GDPR compliant and has a pro version for advanced features.

Pricing: You can download this plugin for free or sign-up for the pro version that has two plans: Pro (single site) $39/per year and Pro (up to five sites) $99/per year.

ELEX WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery

This free plugin provides detail on all abandoned and recovered carts. You can easily configure and set automated cart abandonment emails. The email templates can be customized. Plus, you can add discount coupons to emails. With the ELEX WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugin, you also get notifications for all recovered carts. Furthermore, there is a premium version available that comes with advanced features.

Pricing: The premium version offers three plans: $39 (for a single site license), $119 (for up to 5 sites), and $199 (for up to 25 sites).

Abandoned Cart Pro For WooCommerce

This pro plugin allows you to send automated notifications via text, email, and messenger. With this plugin, you can capture email addresses and phone numbers. You can make use of existing email templates to send personalized messages. It also has pre-designed ‘exit intent pop-up’ templates. Plus, it has a recovery incentive feature to generate unique coupon codes that can help boost conversion.

The abandoned cart pro plugin provides data on which products are abandoned and their recovery rate. You can also track email open rates and coupon redemption rates. Additionally, it offers multilingual support, and being a premium plugin, it comes with regular updates and customer support.

Pricing: The pro version has three plans: Starter ($149), Business ($299), and Enterprise ($349). All plans are billed annually.


A simple way to grow your business is to make the best of the opportunities that come your way. Rather than chasing new leads, focus on converting leads that are already a part of your sales funnel. Customers are more likely to convert through a cart recovery email as most marketers tend to provide additional discounts through coupons.

By focusing on WooCommerce abandoned cart rate, you can also identify issues on your website that need to be fixed such as moving to premium web hosting to improve your site’s performance. This can greatly improve user experience on your website, which is critical for business success.

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