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Why Would A Digital Marketing Strategy Fail?

A thoroughly developed digital marketing strategy is an essential part of a successful business strategy. Companies that fail to create a coherent and well-defined digital marketing strategy have trouble achieving their customer-related goals.

Companies with a poor digital marketing strategy face difficulties maintaining their relationship with the existing customers, as well as attracting new ones. If you have already tried to implement a digital marketing strategy and failed, you need to identify your weak points.

Having a clear perspective on your weaknesses gives you an opportunity to fix them and get your piece of the marketplace back. If you don’t focus on your weaknesses, you will give a chance to your competitors to get ahead of you.

Gathering information on your competitors’ strategies is another factor that can influence your success. Make an effort to study the differences and similarities of various strategies. Try to define why some competitor strategies are successful and see if you can implement a similar approach.

You can also benefit by studying competitors’ failures and try to use their weaknesses to your advantage. Most of the time, digital marketing strategies fail because companies are not doing thorough research and planning before an implementation.

What causes digital marketing strategies to fail?

You should try to look at some key critical points if you want to avoid a digital marketing strategy failure. One of the crucial points to avoid is being uncertain. Having a clearly stated objective will lead you on your way to achieving your goals. You need to make sure that you know where you want to go and that your marketing strategy can get you there.

Basically, creating a digital marketing strategy is easy and simple. The challenging element is making your strategy financially beneficial by developing appropriate tactics. People who are assigned to create the digital marketing strategy should develop appropriate tactics to make sure they are supporting the leading marketing strategy.

Incompetent team members

A successful marketing strategy can only be developed by having a competent and dedicated team that is ready to work hard to put the strategy into action. Only such teams are able to build up a strategy that will lead your business to a higher profit.

This is where many companies make an essential mistake. They underestimate the power of a professionally developed digital marketing strategy and try to improvise. Avoiding hiring professionals in order to save some money inevitably leads to unsatisfying results in the end.

Even though spending less sounds good, it creates a risk of missing out on the opportunity for a successful promotion of your business.  It doesn’t matter if you use the talents of your current employees or you turn to outsourcing. What matters is to make sure that you have the right people working on your strategy. Otherwise, you may face failure.


Most business leaders don’t hesitate to invest in the necessary technology, but they forget to invest in the resources that are essential to success. Creating teams that will relentlessly carry out a well-defined digital strategy is always a wise thing to do.

Inaccurate technology and lack of vision

Many companies certainly do their best to rush progress and raise profits. While doing so, they often tend to apply inaccurate technologies due to a lack of vision. Marketers choose a certain product or technology without precise planning. If you don’t settle for specific goals, you cannot adopt an acceptable technology.

Marketers should check out all available technologies to ensure their solution is the right one and can be easily integrated with the existing platforms. They need to take a close look at the consumer behavior and let it guide their actions.

Consumer behavior directly affects the brand success or failure. Making a wrong approach leads to decreased profits, so marketers shouldn’t overlook their own customers’ needs and demands. If you avoid focusing on gaining your customers’ trust, you cannot maintain a good level of success.

Investing in one digital marketing area

Not so long ago, digital marketers could create a strategy focusing solely on email, SEO, or pay-per-click.  Even though the number of digital marketing options is growing, the possibility to make an oversight has grown as well.

While running a business, a great deal of energy goes to email marketing, blogging or social media.


One of the reasons why digital marketing strategies fail is due to spending an entire budget in just one digital marketing area. Investing only in social media, for example, does not cover all your potential customers and business objectives.

Confusing digital marketing strategy with tactics

Marketing strategies are long-term efforts that rarely change. Tactics, on the other hand, are short-term efforts going through frequent changes. Technology evolves and consumer behavior changes over time, so tactics may differ while strategies remain the same. Therefore, if you mainly focus on tactics, you will lose sight of the overall goal.

The number of daily tweets and emails you send to your consumers is irrelevant if you overlook your leading marketing strategy. By integrating digital marketing tactics into processes that support your strategy, you are a few steps closer to achieving your goal.

Once you understand how digital assets perform, you can easily estimate their contribution to your leading business goal. If you have one supervisor for all marketing activities, you can understand the impact each digital asset has over the broader marketing campaign. Well-combined digital assets can increase the effect of your campaign.

Lack of digital marketing planning

Social media plays a big role in the overall digital marketing space and it has to be imposed to increase your business profits. Therefore, your digital marketing tactics need to be well integrated within your marketing plan, and should be measurable and adaptable, too.


Making a digital marketing plan is essential. You should reset your key performance indicators, so you can realize in detail how every action you take makes a difference in your business. Once you make a plan, you will learn how to accomplish your goals. You will be ahead of your competitors and ensure prosperity for your business.

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  1. I agree with you about having a qualified team. It’s also important to manage them and hold them accountable along the way. It’s not enough to just hire and hope.

  2. Yes! Good distinction between marketing strategies vs. marketing tactics. Your articles are always interesting and insightful, Tom.

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