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Here Are The Best B2B Marketing Tips For Your Digital Marketing Strategy On LinkedIn

Using the internet to drum up some new business is a great idea, but if you don’t know how to go about it, you may just wind up feeling really frustrated.  If you’re a business owner that does business with other businesses, then you should know how to use LinkedIn social media as a part of your digital marketing strategy.


LinkedIn is still the leading social media network in terms of doing business with other businesses. LinkedIn was originally designed with that purpose in mind and over the years it has done a good job of fulfilling its mission. It’s easy to get started on LinkedIn. All you need is an email address and you can start setting up your profile.


If you’re going to start using LinkedIn for business, it will be helpful for you to know how it works. It’s also helpful to know how other business owners are already using LinkedIn to make new business connections. Here are some good marketing tips for LinkedIn that you can use to get new clients.

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Why is LinkedIn the best digital marketing strategy tool for B2B networking?


Sure, there are other great social media networks you can be a part of, but LinkedIn is unique. It brings working professionals together in one place and provides them with a framework and other tools to help them network and do business together.


To date, LinkedIn has over 260 million users among its ranks. Though it is smaller than other sites like Facebook, which boasts over 1 billion users, the people that are on LinkedIn are primarily there to network with other professionals.


Thus, when you reach out to others via LinkedIn to network and propose new business deals, chances are greater that those people will be more receptive.


Building up your profile and contacts


Think of your LinkedIn profile as your online business card. When you build your profile on LinkedIn, you want to make it look as professional as you can. Look at the profiles of other respected business owners and try to get some ideas from them on how to format your profile and what type of things to write.


If your real aim is to do business with others on LinkedIn, then you will want to use a little bit of sales language in your profile description. Instead of talking about yourself too much, try to focus more on what benefits you can offer to potential clients.


At the end of the day, most people want to know what’s in it for them and why they should be interested in what you have to offer.


digital marketing strategy


Once you’ve got your profile completed, you can start adding contacts and making new connections. If you already know other people on LinkedIn, you can find them first and start growing your network. Once you’ve added the people you know, you might reach out to some new ones or start following updates from other respected business owners.


Content marketing on LinkedIn


LinkedIn offers you the ability to write content and share it with others on LinkedIn and on the web. When you write your own content, you need to speak from your own personal experience and share what real knowledge and expertise you have. This is how you start to build an audience on LinkedIn, one you may eventually do business with.


The ability to share knowledge and information is at the heart of every social network, and LinkedIn is no exception. However, the emphasis is different because most people who write and publish their own content on LinkedIn are doing so for business purposes. If you have knowledge, special skills, or expertise in certain fields, then you can share it with others.


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If you think about using LinkedIn social media in very simple terms, you can better understand how to make the most of it. Instead of employing some kind of trickery or using a tough sales approach in your writing, just simply write from your own authentic voice.


You will naturally attract the right people who genuinely appreciate what you have to say. Those same people may end up buying from you or referring to you someone else they know.


Write about the problem and offer the solution


One of the best ways to approach content writing is to write about a particular problem that people have that pertains to your industry or profession. Present a problem of common interest and discuss it at length. Once you’ve touched a few nerves with your readers, you can switch gears and offer them a solution.


By the end of your article, you want your readers to consider buying your products or services. You don’t necessarily want to make a hard solicitation to them, but you do want to offer them your solution. Here’s a good example which may pertain to all types of businesses.


Imagine you are a chiropractor. You specialize in back pain and other skeletal related conditions. Your ideal client is someone that is experiencing back pain. How would you write for them?


You may start by writing about back pain and how much of a problem it is. Write in such a way that the reader can easily identify with the problem you are discussing. If you do a good job this early in the article, the more likely it is they will finish reading your article to the end.


digital marketing strategy write


Once the reader has identified with the article in some way, you can offer them a solution which they can use to relieve their back pain. For instance, you might give them a simple exercise to try at home or recommend something to them.


You want them to feel like they actually got something free just from having read your article. In other words, give them some information which they value and benefit from.


Once you’ve talked about the problem and given a couple of solutions, then you want to wrap it up by letting them know that you have the best, the easiest, and the quickest solution. By the end of the article, they will have come to respect you because of the expertise you’ve shared with them. Once they trust your expertise, it is far more likely that they will buy your products or services.


If you follow this formula and tweak it a little, no matter what business you are in, you will start to attract potential clients. Remember to be consistent and try to update your profile on a regular basis. If you can write and publish new content, at least once a week, that should put you ahead of the game.

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  1. Another great post on something I have been researching lately. Linkedin is new to me and I am trying to learn as much as I can so I can get a good running start over there. Thank you for this information! Please keep it coming because there is really not a lot of info out there.

  2. Thanks for the article Danny. It makes perfect sense to me. It actually reminds me of a course I took long ago on persuasive speaking. In the class we analyzed great oratories of the past. The best ones have a specific structure to them and they start off by gaining interest and discussing something that the audience understands and with which it can agree and then it moves on to do the selling. It gives me a new way to see LinkedIn.

  3. I’ve not really explored Linkedin, but have been seeing great success with using a similar technique on my blog – I write articles about the business and practical side of my work, no hard sale at all – and I’ve been seeing great traffic to my main site from my blog. What’s more important is I’m making sales from that traffic.

  4. Hi! This is a thorough and a well researched post. I am sure it will help most wanderers on the web, to help them find what they’re looking for. LinkedIn is one of the best social networks for businesses. I had been researching on this topic in a while and then finally came across your post!
    I will follow this guide to boost my site, and I am sure this well help me.

    Thanks a million,

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