Facebook Advertising For Small Businesses

Marketing and advertising can be challenging for a small business. The cost of traditional forms of advertising means they aren’t within the budget of many businesses. It’s possible to generate leads and inquiries through the Internet, but Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be complex and time consuming. If you run a small a small business and want to reach new customers, Facebook advertising could be the answer.

The popularity of Facebook means it’s a huge market place. Research suggests that there are now over one billion Facebook users, and most log on at least once a day. Consumers accept that social media are great for shopping as well as keeping in touch with friends, and they are happy to buy from advertisements on trusted sites.

The following reasons will help you to understand the potential of Facebook advertising.

1) Facebook is the biggest social media platform.

Facebook_like_thumbIf you accept that social media marketing and advertising are right for your business, it makes sense to start with the service with the largest audience. Pinterest and other social media platforms are growing, but Facebook remains number one. The rise of smartphones means that users can access their Facebook accounts on the move, and this is part of daily life for many people.

2) You can target advertising precisely.

It’s difficult to target traditional forms of advertising, and ads are often seen by people who aren’t in the market for the products and services presented. With Facebook advertising you can choose your target audience and reach the right customers. Facebook offers tools for selecting your audience, and there are advanced options to make this very precise. You can target people by a range of criteria including their location, interests, age, gender and behaviours.

3) Facebook advertising is good value.

Some business owners shy away from cost per click advertising, but it’s very good value if you manage campaigns correctly. Google Adwords is still regarded as the market leader in cost per click advertising, but Facebook ads can be better value. The fact that Facebook allows you to target advertising by interests rather than search phrases is a significant advantage. Some studies suggest that Facebook ads can be a third of the cost of Google Adwords.

4) You can measure success.

Facebook offer a range of tools for measuring the results from your ad campaigns. You can run reports to see how many people your ads have reached and what they did as a result. The Adverts Manager facility offered by Facebook gives you the information you need to fine tune your ads to increase their effectiveness.

5) Setting up Facebook ads is easy.

Facebook make it very easy to set up and manage advertising campaigns. You can start with a very small budget, and you have complete control so the costs won’t escalate. You can test different ads and track the results, and you don’t need to be an expert copy writer to create content for ads.

6) It’s proven to work.

A wide range of businesses are now using Facebook advertising, and it’s a proven way to attract new customers. It works well for small businesses operating in local markets, as you can target your ads to specific locations. You can combine paid Facebook advertising with the use of a Facebook Fan Page to attract new customers and stay in touch with them.

The size and popularity of Facebook means it’s a great platform for marketing. As well as driving new customers to your website, advertising on Facebook can help to build a brand and raise the profile of a small business.