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Forget the Designer – Make Your Own Infographic


  • The control is in your hands
  • Cheaper than hiring a designer
  • Easy to create simple infographics regularly and quickly



  • Your design won’t be original
  • There’s a learning curve
  • Not suited for complicated or very specific ideas


Is PiktoChart Right for You?

You’re comfortable with basic design.
Can you pull together a killer PowerPoint presentation? Do you enjoy messing around with the basics in Photoshop? PiktoChart is user-friendly – absolutely no design skills needed – but if you struggle on similarly simple platforms, this may be more time-consuming than its worth. Still want to give it a go? Stick close to an existing template for the best results.


The PiktoChart Interface
The PiktoChart Interface


You want to produce infographics regularly. If you want one killer infographic for long tail results, you may be better off working with a designer. He or she will work with you to find the best way to make your argument or share your findings in a visual and impactful way.
However, there are many situations where this isn’t necessary, and simply being able to produce a simple but quality infographic trumps originality. For example, maybe you are sharing figures that are updated (and thus outdated) every quarter. Or you just want to add a visual element to your blog that’s more shareable and unique than a stock photo.

You have a fairly straightforward topic. If you’re covering something that’s very complex or very niche, then PiktoChart might not have the theme, icons, or even the functionality that you need. That being said, the program does have a wide range of options.

You start with a variety of themes, and each theme has various color choices you can change with the click of a button (or you can change the color of specific items individually.) There are a wide range of graphics that you can browse by category or through search. (Plus, you have the option to upload your own images, so if you don’t find what you need, you could hire a designer to create just a few icons rather than an entire infographic.) And true to their name, they offer 14 different types of charts.





You need an infographic now. Working with a designer means some back and forth. Even if he or she understands what you want right from the get go, it takes time to create a design entirely from scratch. You’ll be waiting for a few days or even weeks to get the final product. But with PiktoChart, you can literally go from idea to final product in 5 to 10 minutes with a simple idea. And you can download that infographic in pretty much any format you can think of, making it easy to share immediately.

piktochart-downloadMake your own infographic Now easily with this amazing tool.

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