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How to Use SlideShare as a Powerful SEO Tool

SlideShare is now one of the leading content marketing platforms for helping businesses build brand awareness, drive traffic, and generate leads. Supporting the growing trend for visual content, it’s now the world’s largest community for sharing presentations. Even global brands like IBM and HP are using it to distribute content and engage with customers. But one of the best things about SlideShare is its power as an SEO tool. Read below for slideshare marketing ideas.



How Does SlideShare Help SEO?



SlideShare was actually built with search optimization in mind. All the copy from uploaded presentations is automatically transcribed to help search engines index new content more efficiently. For this reason, SlideShare content frequently appears higher in Google’s organic search results pages. As well as presentations, the platform supports PDFs and videos. The site’s built-in lead forms also help businesses capture qualified leads directly from within content. Furthermore, you can include links to your website and other social media profiles to help you develop quality backlinks.



Simple Ways to Boost SEO Using SlideShare



While there are no guarantees to higher search engine rankings, there are some best practices that every business should follow to get the most out of SlideShare.



Optimize Every Slide



Whatever kind of file you upload, remember to name the file using keywords that you want your content to appear under when people perform a search. As well as the file name, make sure the title uses words you want to rank for. Also think carefully about the description for your content. It’s not good practice to stuff keywords in here; include various keyword phrases, especially ones that have less competition on SlideShare.



Use Profile Tags



On your profile page you can include around 25 tags to more clearly define your areas of expertise. Try to use tags that best describe the type of content you want to be remembered for, and include definitions that support your brand personality.



Include Anchor Text



As with any content marketing platform, it’s important to help drive traffic to other online locations. Building quality links is now vital for credibility and is recommended by Google if you want to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). Always include links within the content, as long as they are in context. Either link back to your website or to other social channels with more valuable content.



Share Content



To improve your authority with Google, it’s important to embed your SlideShare content across multiple channels. Use your Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn accounts to embed presentations alongside relevant content. Sharing your slides across social media channels will boost shares and links, and being featured on other blogs and websites will increase the SEO value of content.



Create Presentations Based Around Keyword Phrases



As search engines index the actual content of presentations, try to include various keyword phrases throughout each slide. Using too many is only counterproductive, as readers won’t tolerate keyword stuffing. Providing useful content should be the main priority.



Publish More Long-Form Content



Long-form content helps to build trust in your brand. Basically, this is more in-depth content. Content like ebooks, whitepapers, guides, and videos can all be uploaded to SlideShare. You don’t have to do this often — just enough to build up a collection of material that people can visit more than once and tell other people about.



Be Consistent



To boost SEO, plan ahead so you can publish a steady stream of content and give search engines more content to index. Use an editorial calendar to ensure you have enough content ideas for regular uploads. If you get stuck for ideas, repurpose existing content into new forms. For example, turn a blog post into a slide presentation.





The SEO benefits of SlideShare make it one of the most powerful platforms for content marketing. To help your content rank higher on the site and in SERPs, try to be as original as possible (within context). Look at slides from your competition and try to come up with content that is more unique and valuable. Be persistent and consistent and SlideShare can take your SEO strategy to the next level.

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    1. Thanks Rick! Appreciate the comments. Its things like this that people do not think of that we can usually get a head start on. Stuff like Google Adwords is “over leveraged” and expensive, though I am a big fan.

  1. The constant search for new ways to enhance B2B lead generation has been a major headache for marketers since the beginning, and they’ve found gems in videos, e-newsletters, blogs and infographics, and now, they’re leaning on using online slides.
    SlideShare has been generally considered as the world’s largest professional content sharing community. “With 60 million monthly visitors and 130 million page views, it is amongst the most visited 200 websites in the world,” the article further claimed.
    David Brier, an award-winning branding expert and blogger, shared his insight on why Slideshare is such a hit among brands and marketers. For him, SlideShare is “pretty unrivaled in being targeted to professionals seeking content and information whereas YouTube is essentially for video entertainment.”
    Indeed, the very concept of slides not only organizes content systematically, but it also gives full control to the reader, given how slides naturally operate. “It is a blank canvas so just as brands have turned YouTube into a vehicle for their brand, the same could be done on SlideShare,” Brier added.


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