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Integrating Market Research with Paid Traffic Campaigns

How much would you pay a market research firm to provide valuable guidance on new product creation, advertising strategies, and customer preferences? Odds are that you can get the same valuable feedback with your traffic campaigns, even as you also seek to convert them into paying customers. Why split the two functions out when a well-planned traffic campaign can bring exactly the demographic you need to your door, ready for some testing? The key is that most website visitors will not even know they are doing your market testing for you because the plan will be completely behind the scenes. Only you will have access to results of your research, which you can then use to refine your advertising strategies and offers that will appeal even more to your target audience.



Buy Traffic and Exploit it for Market Research



Traffic campaigns can be used for multiple purposes: To sell your products and services, to create a ready-made audience, and to do your market research. With a large number of eyeballs coming to your site, you can choose to exploit that traffic stream any way you want. When you buy traffic, here are some of the ways it can also help you conduct market research:



.   Product Creation: There are several ways to fine tune your product creation ideas using a large audience. You canpoll them about the features they would most like to see in a new product and then give them a freebie for being included in your survey. You can also set up two slightly different versions of a product and ask people to pre-register for a discount coupon for a product launch. Depending on which landing page in your split test has a better response, you can use that information to define the actual product creation – before the product has even been developed. This saves you time and money and also gives you a ready list of potential buyers when you finally do finish launching your new product.


.   Website Design Preferences – Paid traffic can be sent to a variety of different channels or split tested. Depending on the responses of the audience, it can give you a very good idea of what types of website design preferences work better to get them to take some action. You can set up two landing pages with slightly different layouts or a change a text font. It’s up to you to pick the design preferences you want to target to understand what works best.


.           Psyching Your Customers into Buying – Some titles will generate more of a response from your audience than others. Find out which psychological triggers are more appealing by changing the message on various offers and then segmenting your traffic to see which worked better. Set up two stories to sell your item and provide different perspectives or morals to the story. By taking the time to figure out what makes your audience tick, you can craft copy that is likely to sell more in the future. You may find that your audience is more receptive to fear triggers that make them wonder if they’ll lose out instead ofones that make them feel included. In that case, you would know to put up more limited quantity offers and forego the membership forum in your website design.

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