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Top 25 Most Used Internet Passwords 2014

Recently I have the chance to attend a security webinar by the guys over at iThemes, they make some great plugins to secure wordpress. One of the items they shared was a list of the top 100 passwords used. Its amazing to me that out of the millions of accounts analyzed almost 2 million still use the password “123456”. I decided to take the top 25 and whip up an infographic with my favorite designer Gino Selva! If you are still using any of these passwords I highly recommend changing them asap. And remember you should use a password manager like 1Password or LastPass and set different passwords for different accounts. The last thing you want is a hacker getting your primary password and then hitting up sites like Gmail and getting access. Once they are in on Facebook or your mail, they can cause a lot of havoc.  Recently I started using 2-Step Verification on Gmail, I recommend using it.


Top 25 Most Used Internet Passwords – An infographic by the team at Tom Fanelli – Infographic Marketing

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10 thoughts on “Top 25 Most Used Internet Passwords 2014”

  1. Great infographic Tom! Shocking to see people still use “123456”. You would think people would learn to be more careful especially with big security breaches like the recent Jennifer Lawrence nude photo leak. Thanks also for including the names of “Last Pass” and “1password”. I been looking for a recommended service.

  2. Passwords are such a nightmare for me because I have that “short memory” but I do use the 2-Step Password Verification on Gmail, learned that a long time ago. One good thing I learned from reading this post is I have never used numbers because that is the worse thing for me to remember HAH! But the word passwords people use like “iloveyou”….really!

    1. Dana, thanks again for sharing. Based on some research I did a while back, length is also very important. The longer the password the harder it is for software algorithms to crack it.

  3. I have to admit that I am shocked by that list of passwords. 1234? Iloveyou? Wow. No wonder we hear the stories of all of the information that gets hijacked. I’m no genius, but come on. I am a history buff and tend to mix historical dates with symbols and upper and lower case letters. Not that hard to remember and I believe that people can still write notes. (Hide the note under the mattress.) Great site!

  4. That’s amazing! 123456 – seriously? Now with LastPass, which even generates the password for you and works on IOS, there’s no excuse. I’ve read numerous stories about people having their email or website hacked by nothing more sophisticated than guesswork and then those people being extorted to regain access. It makes you start to think, how much is your email account worth to you?

  5. I will keep this in mind the next time i choose a password, this is really informative. Have bookmarked this as well.
    Also, i am rather shocked people still use the passwords listed above. I am enlightened now, and i will surely tell all my friends to check out your site!
    Great stuff here!

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