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Understanding WooCommerce Order Status

WooCommerce, a popular ecommerce platform, has a feature known as ‘order status’ that plays a crucial role in managing your online store. It’s a system that tracks the progress of each order, from the moment it’s placed until it’s delivered to the customer. Understanding this feature can help you streamline your operations and provide better customer service.

Let’s delve into the world of WooCommerce order status, its various types, and how to manage them effectively for your online store.

What is WooCommerce Order Status?

WooCommerce order status is a label assigned to each order that comes into your online store. It’s a way of categorizing and tracking the progress of orders. Each status represents a stage in the order processing cycle, providing you with a clear picture of where each order stands.

By default, WooCommerce comes with several predefined order statuses. However, depending on your store’s specific needs, you can also create custom statuses.

Default WooCommerce Order Statuses

WooCommerce provides several default order statuses out of the box. These include Pending payment, Processing, On hold, Completed, Cancelled, Refunded, and Failed. Each status represents a specific stage in the order fulfillment process.

For instance, ‘Pending payment’ means the order has been received but payment hasn’t been confirmed. ‘Processing’ indicates that payment has been received and the order is now being prepared for dispatch. ‘Completed’ means the order has been fulfilled and delivered to the customer.

Creating Custom WooCommerce Order Statuses

While the default order statuses are sufficient for most online stores, you might find that you need more specific statuses to suit your unique business operations. WooCommerce allows you to create custom order statuses to cater to these needs.

For example, if you run a store that offers personalized products, you might need a ‘Customizing’ status to indicate that the product is currently being personalized according to the customer’s specifications. Or, if you offer local delivery, a ‘Out for delivery’ status could be useful.

Managing WooCommerce Order Status

Effectively managing your WooCommerce order status is key to running a smooth and efficient online store. It helps you keep track of your orders, prioritize your tasks, and keep your customers informed about their order’s progress.

Let’s look at some strategies for managing your WooCommerce order status effectively.

Regularly Update Order Status

One of the most important aspects of managing WooCommerce order status is ensuring that each order’s status is updated promptly as it moves through the fulfillment process. This not only helps you keep track of your orders, but also keeps your customers informed about their order’s progress.

For instance, once an order has been dispatched, it’s important to promptly update its status to ‘Completed’ or ‘Out for delivery’ (if you have this custom status). This lets your customer know that their order is on its way.

Use Statuses to Prioritize Tasks

Order statuses can also be used to prioritize tasks. For example, orders with a ‘Processing’ status should be prioritized for fulfillment, while orders with a ‘Pending payment’ status might need to be followed up with the customer.

By using your order statuses effectively, you can ensure that your operations run smoothly and efficiently.


WooCommerce order status is a powerful tool for managing your online store. By understanding the different statuses and how to use them effectively, you can streamline your operations, improve customer service, and ultimately, boost your store’s success.

Whether you’re using the default statuses or creating your own custom ones, remember that the key to effective order status management is regular updates and using statuses to prioritize tasks. Happy selling!

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