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Look to Real World Objects and Everyday Data First for Business Infographic Ideas

When I talk to my clients about creating a business infographic, many initially worry that they don’t have the resources to gather vast amounts of data or formulate some groundbreaking thesis.

But after I do a little digging, it’s often obvious that they already have compelling information. Sometimes the data is even in graphic form, too. The clients just never considered that it would be useful in a business infographic format.

Here’s a great example. I recently went diving in Fiji, and when I arrived, the dive company had a chalk map above the Dive Master’s office.

Fanelli_Dive Map

This is the exact type of content that is really great for infographics. People planning to dive in Fiji are searching for this kind of information as they plan their vacation. And when they find the infographic, they’re not only likely to check out the dive company, but also to bookmark it for future reference and share it with others who may be joining on the trip or going at a later date.

And here’s the great news: the hard part is done. Taking the above photo and transforming it into an attractive infographic is easy, making it a low-cost endeavor.

The key to creating a successful business infographic is to provide valuable information. Don’t focus on selling your company. Instead consider what common questions or concerns people have when looking for your services or products.

Here are a few more real world examples of things that businesses already produce that they can easily and inexpensively turn into a business infographic.


Consumers who encounter a plumbing problem in their home have a lot of questions – and it’s likely that many people encounter the same problems and have the same questions. So why not put together a business infographic sharing what the most common plumbing issues are and facts that people want to know?

That’s exactly what Aquamaster did in this simple but effective business infographic:

Fanelli_Plumbing_Issues_Aquamasters  Business Infographic

It’s simple, clear, and, most importantly, useful. But the company likely didn’t have to put in much research to pull it together. After all, it’s their area of expertise! To determine the most common plumbing issues, they can just tally up their calls for a few weeks, and from there, it’s just about sharing their best tips, and then hiring a writer and designer to pull it all together.

If you have a service business, consider the common questions you hear from clients or the problems you handle the most. These are both great sources for infographic topics.

Barber Shop

Most barber shops and hair stylists have a wealth of information about different options for haircuts. It helps them ensure they give people what they want. Why not move that information online?

How much do you want to bet this business infographic from Platinum Barber has been bookmarked and shared time and again?

Fanelli_Barber_PlatinumBarber Business Infographic

In fact, it seems to have outlived the business itself. The URL in the graphic doesn’t work, yet I was still able to find this image. In fact, if you use Google’s Image Search, it brings up 5 pages of results.

Why is it still being used? Because it provides valuable and (somewhat) timeless information. Yes, styles and fashion evolve, but let’s be honest: men’s haircuts don’t change drastically. It’s likely we’ll be seeing most of these haircuts for years to come, and so the infographic will live on.

When you’re developing your business infographic, consider the longevity of the topic. Infographics based on very timely topics can be a huge hit, produce immediate results, and even be more likely to go viral. But topics that stick around also have a benefit: long tail results. The longer they’re relevant, the longer you’ll draw potential customers.


All religious organizations make charitable efforts and serve those in need, and many share those accomplishments on their websites, newsletters, and other publications. But what about making this already gathered data visual, like in this infographic from Second Baptist Church.

Fanelli_Church_Second_Baptist  Business Infographic

At a glance, you can see that they are making a difference not just locally but across the globe, and you get a feel for just how effective they have been. This is the kind of thing that’s likely to inspire others to join their efforts.

When you’re looking to showcase your company or organization’s achievements, consider that verbally isn’t the only way to do so. In fact, it may have much more impact in the visual style of a business infographic.

General Business

How often have you taken the time to read all the bios listed on a company’s website before hiring them for a project or service? Sure, maybe you’ve skimmed them now and then, but Team Bio pages are not exactly attention-grabbers.

But what about this Bio page?

Fanelli_Khoury-Bio  Business Infographic

A little different, huh? Displaying the information in a visual fashion draws your interest. It also makes it quicker for people to consume – which is crucial in our media-soaked society. I also love that this image makes it easy for you to go straight to the section you are most interested in – career history, approach, or credentials – without having to wade through paragraphs of information.

Consider how you can liven up boring data on your company website by transforming it into an infographic.


If your restaurant develops a loyal following in your area, what’s a great way to keep people coming back – and fill up slow days of the week? Offer daily specials.

An infographic is a great way to showcase them, making it easy for people to bookmark it for later reference or share with co-workers when planning lunch outings. Check out this simple and effective daily special business infographic from Tuscany.

Fanelli_Restaurant Specials  Business Infographic

Here’s another example from Twisted Taco with a similar goal but a different style.

Fanelli_TwistedTaco_Restaurant Specials  Business Infographic

Of course, restaurants aren’t the only types of businesses that can highlight their daily discounts or specials. The idea is to create a simple reference that makes it even more convenient for people to stay up-to-date on your business’s regular deals.

What Do All of These Business Infographic Examples Have in Common?

None of the business infographics required the companies to invest heavily in the research process. Instead, these businesses simply looked inward to find their own valuable data and then displayed it. This means little financial risk to the project and usually leads to a cost-effective result.

Something else to note is that most of these infographics were created by brick-and-mortar businesses. Sometimes traditional businesses make the mistake of assuming that internet marketing tactics like this are only effective for those in ecommerce or technical fields. But often, the exact opposite is true.

Not surprisingly, most businesses in ecommerce are on top of the latest internet marketing strategies, so there’s usually a lot of competition for attention in the space. You’re aware of it, and your competitors are, too. So you’re both outputting infographics just to stay in the game.

But for businesses with a physical location, it’s likely that nearby competitors are overlooking the opportunity that infographics present, making it more likely that yours will be unique in your area. And that can also help you make waves in local search engine optimization, which can be incredibly valuable.

How valuable? Consider that 85% of consumers use the internet to find a local business. In fact, just as many people were likely to turn to the internet as they were to ask for personal recommendations about local businesses. And don’t forget that effective internet marketing can enhance that word-of-mouth marketing by taking it to a wider audience online.

So don’t overlook the format because you think it’s too expensive or time-consuming. Or because you’re “just” a small business with a single storefront. There are endless ways that you can make use of the infographic format to promote or grow your business. With a little bit of brainstorming and creativity, it’s likely you already have some of the groundwork done, making it a simpler endeavor.

But be warned: once you’ve put together your first business infographic – and seen the results – you may be hooked and ready to produce another!

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