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Have a Stellar Product or Service?

Get an in-depth review by me!

For a limited time, you can submit killer products (or services) to me for review. Let me be super clear, you are not guaranteed I will review it! I have to believe this is a great product, so sell me on the benefits when you submit it. I am looking for tools specific to digital marketing, blogging, online promotion, social media tools, SEO, SEM, Analytics, etc. Yes, info products are fine as well. I am an ebook/course junkie so feel free to send those as well.

When you submit your product, you need to include the following:

  1. Access! Logins, Account Info, eBooks, Course, etc.
  2. Give me the sales pitch. Why is it great, different, Unique Selling Position
  3. Clearly explain the pricing of product, is it a one time, subscription, etc.
  4. Who is the audience specifically?
  5. Top Competitors

What you will get back:

  1. A minimum post of 700 words reviewing the product.
  2. Screenshots included in review.
  3. Links to Your Website, usually multiple and deep.
  4. Promotion of Post on all social media channels I control.

What I expect you to do once review is published:

  1. Retweet and Share to Your Network
  2. Email and use the article for whatever you need.

If you are interested, use the form below to submit your product!

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