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How to Make an Infographic for Less Than $90

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Three Dimensional Data Visualization Abstract

How to Visualize Your Infographic: Part 4

Jul 12th, 2014 No Comments

Have you ever tried to explain a process to someone but found that you were unable to do it without some kind of visual aid? That’s because humans are visual learners, and we often need an image along with text […]

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How to Plan a Successful Social Media Contest

Jul 6th, 2014 11 Comments

Social media can be a powerful marketing tool, but only if you have an audience that’s reading what you’re sharing. One of the most cost-effective ways to build your following is to run a giveaway. People love the idea of […]

Instagram for Business

12 Tips to Engage Brand Followers on Instagram

Jun 24th, 2014 5 Comments

Using Instagram for Business to Expand Your Marketing With Facebook and Twitter losing some of their original luster, many businesses are now expanding their social media marketing to visual platforms like Instagram for Business. Instagram, a photo and video-sharing site […]


Learn How to Choose Viral Images for Social Media Posts

Jun 15th, 2014 6 Comments

Images have long been some of our most powerful marketing tools—from “Uncle Sam Wants You!” to Barack Obama’s 2008 “Hope” posters. Now that social media is coming to rule the Internet, images have become more popular and more ubiquitous than […]

Three Dimensional Data Visualization Abstract

How to Visualize Your Infographic: Part 3

Jun 13th, 2014 3 Comments

When you need to convey a complex topic to your audience, say it with an infographic. Because images are processed simultaneously and text is processed sequentially, visuals are processed an incredible 60,000 times faster than text. That means that a […]