The 10 Best WordPress Plugins for Businesses

WordPress is a popular content management system for a reason – it’s free and easy to use. Even those with little to no technical expertise can use it to update their websites or even create one from scratch. But if…

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A Look at the New LinkedIn Lead Accelerator

LinkedIn’s base of not quite 350 million users may seem small when compared to social media giants like Facebook and Twitter. But what LinkedIn’s user base lacks in numbers, it makes up for in value. LinkedIn users are often innovators…

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How to Target Your Competitors’ Employees with LinkedIn

While “poaching” another business’s employees was once considered a breach of an unwritten gentlemen’s agreement among competitors, targeting competitors’ employees is more widely considered an acceptable and even necessary practice today. That doesn’t mean that you can or should call…

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Increasing Website Conversions from Facebook: A Guide

With more than 650 million daily visitors, Facebook provides business owners who use its advertising features with wonderful conversion potential. But since you’re also competing with more than 1.5 million advertisers and 30 million branded Facebook pages, it’s essential to…

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Boosting Facebook Posts

There’s no denying that Facebook looms large over social media sites, but do you really understand the sheer scale of the social media giant’s reach? To truly get a sense of how pervasive Facebook is, take a look at these…

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Guide to Promoting Your Facebook Page

When business owners first create a Facebook page, many are disappointed to find their page isn’t hit with a flood of new followers and a rush of likes immediately. While your business’s page can be a rich source of interaction…

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