Blog Traffic Growth Chart

Quantify Your Blog: How to Calculate the Cost of Your Blog

You’ve probably been told that a blog is a valuable marketing tool, and you’ve hopefully already started one for your business. But do you actually know what your blog is doing for your company? Most business owners intuitively understand that…

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Marketing Metrics and Measuring Campaigns

Advanced Strategies for Measuring Your Marketing Programs

It’s not so easy to identify the kinds of results delivered by a marketing program. Any measurement framework is a tradeoff between accuracy and cost. Experience shows that most marketing departments start with low-cost, low-accuracy measurements and then begin to…

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twitter tailored audience

How to Use Twitter Tailored Audiences

Not to be outdone by Facebook’s Custom Audience feature, Twitter unveiled their own Tailored Audience tool in 2013. Much like Custom Audiences, Twitter’s Tailored Audiences allows retailers to target ads to specific audiences based on email addresses that the retailers…

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Google Filetype Search

Google Filetype Search Can Connect You to Prospects

Google no doubt already plays a significant role in your online marketing. You’ve likely put some time and effort into optimizing your website so that it ranks as high as possible in Google’s search engine results, you may have created…

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